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This post is designed for the “newer” voices to the wild horse and burro advocate “front.”

Issues arise quickly in this movement and conversations can often leave someone new to the issue scratching their heads and feeling “uninformed.” Simply following what an AML (appropriate management level) based on grazing AUM’s (animal unit month, the unit of measurement in the equation of forage allocations) is like listening to a foreign language.

The video below is a basic piece (not fancy and in rough edit) designed to explain the laws and “design” for the current management of wild horses and burros by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) on federal (public) land. Below the video are draft chapters in an informational booklet in progress by Wild Horse Education.

Welcome to a cause worth fighting for… and one we CAN change.

Hold Your Wild Horses! how did it get so bad? from Laura…

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What does this mean? For Control? Pisses me off!

Straight from the Horse's Heart

by NN&V Staff of the Nevada News & Views

Eureka rancher has received $674,591 for “Wildhorse/Burro Control Services” from BLM

Independent American state senate candidate Janine Hansen charged today that Republican District 19 opponent Assemblyman Pete Goicoechea has a “startling conflict” in representing rural taxpayers after learning the Eureka rancher has received $674,591 for “Wildhorse/Burro Control Services” from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

“That’s a pretty staggering amount,” Hansen said. “It’s especially unsettling considering the money came from a federal agency whose ridiculous mismanagement of wild horses costs the taxpayers $75.8 million every year. But I guess that’s not so objectionable when you’re getting a piece of the pie.”

Hansen noted the discovered BLM payments to Goicoechea stretched from 2000 to 2003. She says in the interest of full disclosure and transparency Goicoechea should reveal the sources and amounts of any and all additional payments he may…

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Logically thinking…

Tuesday's Horse

While the reasons given are many and varied for Canadian slaughter plants rejecting U.S. horses last Friday that came suddenly and with no warning, today the road to slaughter re-opened.

Clearly the slaughter of U.S. horses for human consumption will continue in Canada and Mexico where thousands are killed for their meat each week. On average, 60% to 70% of Canada’s overall kills to provide horse meat for overseas palates are U.S horses.

Perhaps it is now becoming clearer to more people in the U.S. that although horse slaughter is not taking place on home soil, their country is a major player in the thriving N. American horse slaughter industry.

What did we learn?

Alarmingly, through our own contact with employees at Bouvry’s because of recent events in Canada, they tell us without reservation that they believe horse slaughter will return to U.S. soil next year and this will be…

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We must stop the killing!

Howling For Justice

This post is dedicated to all wolves who’ve suffered and continue to suffer brutal, senseless deaths in the name of blood sport and agribusiness.

The brutal war against America’s wolves wages on?

Will you be silent?

Will you fight for them?

Will you allow this to continue?

Will you organize in your hometown?

Will you hold a protest?

Will you work to end public land grazing?

Will you write letters to the editor?

Will you write to the Infamous 81 US Senators  who voted to delist wolves in the Northern Rockies via budget rider?

Will you tell those Senators you WILL NOT VOTE FOR THEM on November 6 because of their betrayal? 

Will you boycott all wolf states that hold trophy hunts or kill wolves for agribusiness?

Will you boycott Yellowstone National Park to send Wyoming a message?

Will you spread this message to everyone you know?

Will you be a…

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Love this article!

Photojournalist - Journalist

As Advocates we have no money, and with everyone being a volunteer.  This means there is no central focus, there exists no responsible party to answer to, and there is no chain of command.  There are disputes, and those who start the dispute or are in the middle of such should simply step aside and let those who are working continue, and basically shut the hell up!  In this Journalists mind this situation is perfect to combat a Government that is organized, but totally disorganized, shallow, and drone like.

Here is a short-agenda to approach the BLM / DOI Drones.  To start make them prove their EA’s; Demand Accurate Horse Head Counts and prove within the context of the EA; Demand and have them show “Provable Science” and “Valid Data Range Research” within the EA that shows beyond a doubt the harm done to the exact Range area discussed, supposedly…

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